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[06 Aug 2012|03:42pm]
The Gen Con limited edition copies of Broken Rooms have arrived! Sexy, lovely 460 page hardbacks. Mmm, delicious. You know you want one.
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Broken Rooms launching at Gen Con 2012 [06 Aug 2012|01:03pm]
Here's the link to the site.
After Gen Con, you'll be able to purchase the RPG from the site directly.
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Still alive, just elsewhere [06 Aug 2012|11:18am]
Hello, Livejournal,

I'm never on here anymore. Shocking, but true. I'm usually on other places, though, so you can find me on Google+ if you look for me there, or Facebook, etc etc.

I hope you're all doing well!

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[18 Jul 2010|01:13pm]
 Our next book for Desolation is coming out in a few weeks. it's called "Journeys, Before and After" and you can read the introductory fiction by click on this link right here.

In the meantime, don't forget to visit me at my blog.
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For those of you still playing along at home... [06 May 2010|07:30pm]
I've posted a short story over at the ol' blogstead.
It's a new version of a story I wrote in college, probably back in 93.
I lost it years ago, but it's sat in the back of my mind, like a creepy hitch-hiker.

Here's the link to go read it:

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Some history [09 Apr 2010|08:58am]
1st Edition. 100 copies, all sold. (holy crap, but it was 14 years ago.)





August 13, 2011

The final edition.
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Sunken-Eyed Promise Breaker [03 Apr 2010|08:02pm]
 That's what my wife calls the new Doctor. I can't really argue with that, from the point of view of the plot of "The Eleventh Hour."

No spoilers, but it was fantastic. Matt Smith is the Doctor, he absolutely nailed the character even as he reinvents him. So many good lines, so many cool things. Not the best story, but the entire thing was B plot. The A plot, the Doctor meets Amy, was spot on.

I do not like the new titles though, and I'm not sure I like the new theme either.

Hard to pick one line out of the many excellent ones, but I think this is the best one of the night.
"Hello, I'm the Doctor! Basically... run."
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New stuff, new things [24 Mar 2010|09:54am]
Over at my real blog, I talk about writing, glasses, haircuts and books.

Yeah. All in one post. Chuck isn't the only person who can eclectic it up. Rock on, Admiral Wendig.
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Ah, memories. Wait a minute... [24 Feb 2010|10:59am]
I posted a new poem over at my blog,
Here's a link - stop by and let me know what you think!
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What's new? [23 Oct 2009|08:55am]
I've posted a few things on my blog, including a new poem. It was someone's birthday yesterday, someone I've not seen in about 18 years, but who used to be very important to me. I thought it was interesting how some days are always significant even long years later.

I've also been having fun installing Windows 7 on a couple of my computers. So far, so good. 

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Update at my blog. [05 Oct 2009|11:05am]
A long and hopefully interesting post at about the Desolation RPG and what I'm currently working on.

Stop by!
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Here we go... [20 Jul 2009|08:11am]

She's just lovely, but I still have a bit of a thing for red heads.. If that's the Doctor's new look, I think I can live with it. Pretty nifty.
(photo from

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Thought I'd share [17 Jul 2009|03:24pm]
You've probably already seen it. If not, you're probably mystified or pleasantly surprised.

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It's almost like we're a real RPG publisher [17 Jul 2009|08:27am]

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Tragic, but fascinating [07 Jul 2009|01:47pm]
A long time ago, in a town very far from here, I started a BSc in Psychology and Business Computing. I enjoyed the psychology portion of that double degree so much I was just about to drop the computing side of things.

Then, for various reasons, I dropped out of that degree and did another one completely different. 
I miss psychology immensely, and if I ever win the lottery, I'll be back in college to complete that degree.

That's why I find articles like this one:,0,4834892.story?page=1
both tragic and fascinating.
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Alienating readers, 24/7 [06 Jul 2009|10:58am]
In an attempt to flex my social media muscles (ouch) I've posted the first of a three part "article" on my blog.
You can read my ramblings about social media at

I need more readers. Alternate posts about technology, poetry and the random crap in my head is probably not helping my readership.
Anyway, if you pop over and enjoy it, let me know.
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Fascinating music discovery [24 Jun 2009|11:09am]
I think I want Boards of Canada to do the soundtrack for The Nearside Project.
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Hello, Livejournal [21 Apr 2009|02:38pm]
I'm not ignoring you. I'm posting more to Facebook these days, and to my blogs - though I really need to be posting there a lot more often!

Pop by both and say hello.

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The Truth [25 Feb 2009|01:07pm]

This is probably why I'll get one, in the end.

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Just watch. [21 Feb 2009|11:12pm]
No introduction should be necessary.

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